Photo Credit: On Pexels. CC0 License

Whatever the size of your patio, the best pieces of furniture to have for it are patio tables. Being able to sit outside with some friends, on the warm summer days, and eat a meal or share a drink is possibly one of the most popular uses a patio can be put to. Big or small, a patio table is a social center piece when the weather turns warm; with a parasol or umbrella in the centre to protect against especially hot days you might find yourself using it for breakfast dinner and tea.

Garden furniture comes in many shapes and sizes, colors and materials; with its increasing popularity more variations appear every year. Whatever your preference, you are certain to find something that fits your taste and décor, and if you can’t find it then it’s possible you haven’t looked hard enough! A garden table might be anything from a small intimate circular surface with a couple of chairs and a parasol, to a long rectangular slab with bench seats either side. You can find tables in wood, plastic, metal or stone or just about any other material you can think of and in traditional or modern designs.

In fact, the choice and variety is so wide that you would be well advised to do some research before purchasing in order that you get the best one for your needs. There are so many different possibilities that there is absolutely no purpose in ‘making do’ with the first one you find; and by looking around properly you may even find a style or size that you hadn’t even known about before which may be more appropriate than the one you had in mind.

If there is one essential piece of garden or outdoor furniture which is as important as a chair, it has to be the table. Whether sitting at it casually or having a full sit down meal, it is the centerpiece around which much of your outdoor activity will revolve. If the dining room table is the traditional center piece of a home, then patio tables are the centerpiece of the garden.