Photo Credit: By Jesse Bridgewater on Pixabay. CC0 License

There’s nothing nicer than sitting outside on your patio furniture with a nice cool drink, appreciating all the hard work that’s gone into the flower bed this year and planning the next barbeque. Anyone with a house and garden would surely want to have a patio to sit out on and enjoy the warm summer months. A set of chairs and a table, with a nice broad umbrella or parasol to shelter from the midday sun, and an ice box, is definitely the way to go; and with the summer months approaching, I’m already planning whose homes to visit based upon the comfort of their patio chairs.

There’s a range of styles to choose from; my personal favorites are the treated hardwood chairs and tables but you can get all kinds of furniture in all kinds of materials, from stone or wood to metals like wrought iron; there’s plastic and vinyl and even glass. So long as the material is durable and weather resistant then it can be used outside and most of it has been treated anyway to have as long a life as possible. Some, like the wrought iron and stone materials can just about stay out half the year, heavy enough not to get blown over in freak weather, whereas the plastic chairs will stack away easily and give you a bit more flexibility by being easier to move, if you have more friends over, or want to replace them with a couple of deckchairs or a lounger for a few days instead.

With outdoor patio heaters becoming ever more popular you can even sit out in the cooler autumn and spring months and watch those lovely sunsets. Patios are especially good for summer parties or get together, the furniture strong and easy to clean and if anything gets spilled on the floor there’s no carpet to worry about. In fact, if you’re lucky, any abandoned crumbs will soon be picked up by appreciative wildlife! A good patio, with a range of patio furniture, is like a warm weather extension to your home and turns your garden into an extra room with a great view.