Photo by  Max Goncharov on UnsplashLicense

What is a patio set without a patio chair? Surely, you won’t want your guests sitting on the table. A patio chair makes the patio complete. It is where you’d be spending most of your time while in your patio, after all. Hence, such a chair should be chosen with careful deliberation.

Often, the kind of patio chair will depend on the kind of patio set you will choose. Naturally, you’d want a chair that will be a perfect fit to the general theme of your patio set, otherwise, you’ll end up with mismatched pieces (though some interior designers can make beautiful art out of seemingly disparate themes).

A patio chair is made of different materials. Let’s take a look at them one by one:

* Concrete. Perhaps the sturdiest make for a chair for your patio. Concrete is as hard as stone. A concrete chair is very heavy, however, something that is to be expected. If you wish to relocate the same, prepare yourself for quite an exhausting experience.

* Rattan. Rattan is a popular wood type that’s known for its toughness and ability to resist heat. Wickerwork of some makes is actually composed of dried palm leaves. Rattan, after all, is a species of palm tree. A rattan chair is perfect for patios aiming for that tropical vibe.

* Aluminum. Aluminum is a rust-proof metal. This makes a patio chair built from the same very durable against a variety of climatic and weather conditions. Even if such chairs are exposed to rain, they will not rust. Aluminum chairs are perfect for open-air patios.

* Teak. Teak is a kind of wood that is likewise sturdy. Patios which are looking for the antique feel will do well with teak furniture components. The homeowner would not have to worry about breakage because teak is a very formidable wood type.

* Wrought iron. Though this kind of material is not rust-free, it is far stronger than aluminum. Wrought iron is built to last. If you wish a patio set that will last for many, many years, tables and chairs made of wrought iron would be a safe investment.

Your choice of a chair for your patio will boil down to a matter of preference and need. Plan a design for your patio beforehand and you’ll have an easier time determining which chair will best suit your preferences and your requirements.